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Colours for Your Home

The colours you love reflect your personality. It is also well known that colors affect people in different ways. The choice of color for a home depends on many things; trends, personal likes and dislikes, childhood influences.
  • Red is the strongest of all colours. It expresses excitement, energy, warmth and vibrancy. It is ideal for an entrance hall or foyer. Warm reds make dining rooms inviting and intimate.

  • Green is a soothing colour. It is symbolic of rebirth, represents nature, growth and relaxation. A green room always feels fresh and clean. It is a shade that can be used in any room, and especially so in the kitchen.

  • Pink represents happiness, youth and sweetness. It is just the colour for the bath or dressing room.

  • Blue is one of the most popular colours. It gives rooms a spacious appearance, besides being very restful to the eye and mind. Pale blue ceilings can be very soothing in the bedroom.

  • Yellow can brighten a room that does not receive much natural daylight or a dark hallway. This colour represents happiness and optimism.

  • Brown would be the perfect choice for the library or study. It is subtle and masculine, conveys contentment and comfort.

  • Regal Purple adds dignity and luxury to a room. Use it in the guest room to make your guests feel like royalty.

  • The warmth and comfort of Orange would go well in the family room; but, avoid using a vivid shade of orange which can be tiring.

  • Black makes a room look sleek and elegant. It goes well with white, gray and chrome.

  • White gives a room a feeling of quiet luxury. It implies virtue, purity, cleanliness, spaciousness and innocence. A white master bedroom is just the place to seek solace from a hectic world.

  • If your home doubles as an office, choose gray. It depicts a sedate, composed environment.

    Choose colours that make you feel good. Remember, colours that are good for you may make another person feel uncomfortable. The shades of the walls around you should add to your feeling of well being.

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