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Tips for Smart Dressing
Tips for Beautiful Facial Skin

Tips for Smart Dressing

wA suit without a tie? Incongruous, isn't it? That is what an elegant evening gown without an elegant evening bag becomes. You only need an average-sized bag that will hold the bare essentials - comb, lipstick, mirror, credit card, keys and tissue paper.

wIf you are on a tight budget, but absolutely have to purchase that one jewellery item for a fabulous dress, invest in an elegant three-strand pearl choker or a fabulous three-tier black necklace that sits just below the neckline. Black and white are standard versatile colours that go with elegant gowns of any shade.

wNever buy a piece of jewellery unless you already have an item of clothing to match it with.

wCasual attire can be accessorized with rings, necklaces and big flashy ear rings

.wA pair of designer shoes, preferably black or brown, is the essential footware you must pack when you travel.

Black net stockings are stylish, but you must be careful not to wear them with clashing designs. They should be worn with outfits that do not have any patterns.
Tips for Beautiful Facial Skin

If you want firmer facial skin and want to look years younger, just follow these steps and watch the age on your face fade away.

Healthier skin is dependant on a balanced diet, daily physical exercise, protection from the sun and daily skin care. You can follow easy steps to improve your skin's health.
    1.Cleanse your skin and remove dirt or makeup that clog your skin. You should cleanse your skin at least twice a day with a mild cleanser. This is very essential.

    2. Use a toner for it helps rehydrate, cool, nourish and refresh your skin. Toners remove any remaining traces of dirt, make up or oil your cleanser may have not removed.

    3. Wash your face using cold water to splash. Use a very mild soap to clean your facial skin.

    4. Use daytime moisturizer that provides a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. At night, using a more intense moisturizer helps to rebalance and normalize your skin as you sleep.

    5. Do some facial exercise for 10 to 15 minutes like face tapping or circular eye moments, exercise your mouth.

    6. It is good to go in for a facial once in way.

    7. If you are going out in the evening, then take some orange juice and tap it on your face lightly.

    8. Drink 9 to 11 glasses of water every day.

    9. Avoid oily food and chocolates. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

    These basic steps can firm and restore your skin's natural suppleness. You can choose products that are specific to your skin's special needs to achieve healthier skin.

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