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Tips for Beautiful Facial Skin
Get a sun block that suits your skin type (Normal, Oily or Dry).
A sun tan lotion is better than a cream for oily skin.
Herbal concoctions are better for sensitive skins as they have fewer  side effects.
Use a sunscreen that has a moisturiser and apply on the neck,
behind your ears, arms and exposed neck.
Apply sunscreen atleast 45 minutes before you go out in the sun.
Spray perfume on your clothes and not on your skin.
Try added protection like a hat, longer sleeves etc.
Lots of carrots - they have Beta-Carotene, which is a skin protector.
Avoid Spinach, if you have a sun allergy.
Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
Take in as much of Vitamin E as possible. Wheat germ and
custard apple are good sources of Vitamin E.
Milk has lactic acid which when applied, acts as a mild peeling agent.
Potato juice has a soothing effect and lightens a tan.


Samantha Kochhar, one of the country's leading Make-up artists, gives us some very useful make-up tips.
First and foremost, throw away the items in your make-up kit that are more than two years old.
When applying lipstick, fill in your lips with a lip liner first. By this way the second coat of lipstick stays longer.
For people with dark coloured lips, apply some foundation and lip balm first, then a lighter shade of lip colour, say a pink. Then apply lip gloss and over it the original lipstick you have chosen.
If you see any liquid or water coming out of the lipstick, keep it in a refrigerator.
If you mix foundation and sunscreen in equal quantities and apply, it makes for an excellent day make-up that also protects the skin.
If the foundation starts to curdle, do not use it anymore.
When you are buying a concealer, buy something that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.
Before applying make-up, follow the CTW procedure (Cleaning, Toning and Moisturising). Follow the same for removing make-up.
Any make-up is good only for 6-7 hours.
For beautiful and mysterious eyes, use 3-4 shades of eye shadow on your eyes. Apply a darker shade towards the edges of eye-lashes.
For dusky complexioned people, use burgundy and maroon range
of lipsticks.
Avoid using very old lipsticks. They might cause pigmentation of the lips

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