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The Herbal Queen

ShenazShahnaz Hussain,
the beauty entrepreneur, is a woman imbued with a burning desire to recapture India's great herbal heritage. She has channalised ancient herbal remedies and cures, incorporating in them the latest advancements in beauty sciences. Shahnaz Hussain, the moving force behind the Shahnaz Hussain Herbal range, is a woman with passion for beauty and a vision that knows no bounds.

Shahnaz Hussain comes from a family of legal luminaries. She is the daughter of Chief justice N.U Beg. Shahnaz Hussain is unique to the extent that she is perhaps the only woman in the world to use precious herbal extracts as a cure and an answer to the human need to acquire and preserve beauty. Today, herbs are not a fad but they are an international trend. The natural thought that comes to our minds when we speak of herbs is India. The West is looking towards us with enlightened eyes. When there were no synthetics, India always had herbs. In fact, whenever you think of synthetics, you can always find a better answer in nature.

The Shahnaz Hussain herbal range was created as an answer to human needs, the innate desire dormant in every woman to acquire perfection and to maintain it. In the Shahnaz Hussain herbal chain of salons each client is handled individually, each skin is diagnosed carefully, classified and then treated according to its individual requirements. A lot of emphasis is placed on diet and general health. A client with problems is put through a series of tests to try and ascertain the basic cause of the problem. Unless the inner body health is perfect, cosmetics will only help temporarily. With correct diagnosis of the basic problem and its treatment, beauty care can achieve permanent results. There is a positive difference between products made from the extracts of the real fruit or herb and synthetically created extracts.

In India we use the actual extracts of precious herbs and that is why the effect is so remarkable. The unique aspect of Shahnaz Herbal Range is that it is geared for maintenance and care. What makes them so special is that it has been used extensively in helping to cure various problems like Alopecia, Falling Hair, Dandruff, Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Blemishes and for minimizing the ageing process.

Shahnaz Hussain won the Silver Award 1985 for the "Best Woman Entrepreneur" presented by the Vice President R. Venkatraman. Barbara Cartland included the Shahnaz Herbal Line in her personal range of beauty products to be promoted and sold via the health and happiness club in U.K. Shahnaz was also awarded the "Images India Award 1985" by K.A Khan, Minister of External Affairs. Shahnaz's efforts at popularizing Indian herbal cosmetics were crowned with success in April 1993.
Here's a toast to the Queen of Herbs, a herbal toast!

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