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Leather Accessories.
It's cool. It's classic. It's leather!

So, what's so wonderful about leather? Ask this of a leather connoisseur and you have an answer - the touch and scent! Leather products range from wallets, gloves and vests to briefcases, belts, jackets, footwear
and more.

JacketThe first leather objects were primarily used for protection. The decorative potential of leather was realised over a period of time. The timeless charm of leather lies in its luxurious texture, warm colour, wholesome aroma, and exceptional durability.

Leather usually comes from lambskin or cowhide. It is shaved horizontally, giving layers and is tumble-washed in chemicals or natural vegetable oil. This is done to take out the stiffness and to give a soft feel to the leather. Sometimes it is tanned and colour is sprayed on.

Genuine leather is recognised by tone variations and creases in the end products. It absorbs oils and other moisture it comes in contact with.

Leather products are on the expensive end with a simple key chain costing anything above Rs 50. Wallets, gloves and belts could range from Rs 250 to Rs 2,000. Jackets, long skirts, briefcases and motorcycle pants can go up to Rs 10,000. A set of automobile seat covers like 'Stanley', which is a matter of choice, can be as expensive as Rs 50,000.

On the latest styles, a leading leather retailer on M G Road says, "With winter just round the corner, the trend is leather jackets that keeps you warm. Men and women basically do not differ in their choices, but women always prefer coats, which fit snugly. The classic in a jacket design is the short 'Riding Jackets' with silver metallic zippers and a wrap round belt".

Leather ages gracefully and lasts for a long time, if given proper care. Often made from the same materials, they Walletrequire a minimum care to keep the purchase looking great.
  • Dirt can be usually wiped off with a moist cloth.
  • Use of soap is not recommended, as it may remove the natural oils.
  • A transparent leather cream, used sparingly, enriches leather items.
  • Leather items, which have different finishes, should be stored separately, as they might stick together.
  • Avoid storing in extremes of heat, humidity, dryness or cold.
ShoesWith growing concerns about the environment, artificial leather offers a fresh alternative to animal leather and is widely accepted. They possess the same attributes of real leather like texture, colour and are cheaper to manufacture. If leather is not to your taste, try products made from synthetic materials or artificial leather, which look just as classy.

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