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Waseem khanThe advertising photography scenario in Bangalore is dominated by the likes of WASEEM KHAN who began his career in photography with his first camera, a Ricoh KR5, a gift from his father during his schooldays. "I used to take pictures of flowers, lizards, blades of grass and the occasional pretty girl I always seemed to be able to con into shooting portraits! [smiles]. I have still kept the camera for sentimental reasons", says Waseem. His first job was with Brooke Bond as assistant sales and marketing manager. This gave him the opportunity to shoot their products and factory.

A self-taught photographer, he has the "ability to vary my style according to the shoot, the conceptWaseem Khan's shot of Vidisha Pavate, and the situation, and I feel for whatever I'm shooting at that particular moment, because I try and reflect on film that which I feel within me for the person or object I am shooting."

His two most passionate subjects are 'women' and 'food'. He is comfortable with people who he shoots and this is his strong point. He uses the natural pose of models to their best advantage and bonds with every single person he shoots.

Waseem was influenced by Sudhir Ramachandran another famous fashion photographer. Waseem says, "At a time when photographers were very secretive, Sudhir did not see me as competition, but as someone who loved photography and wanted to learn.

He invited me to watch his fashion shoots, taught me the meaning of openness and to share my knowledge with
others. Most of all, he gave me encouragement."
Waseem Khan's food photograph

He likes the Kodak E100 VS and Ektachrome EPP for his colour transparency. And for his B&W work he uses
Kodak T-Max 100 and 400
. For all his professional work, his favourite camera is the Mamiya 6 x 7 Pro SD with the 180mm lens. His choice of lens is the 200mm f/4 for the odd model portfolio that he shoots.

His shoots…
Every year I do a calendar for Spice Telecom - a mobile phone operator from Bangalore. They give me a chance to shoot with the best names in the country, people like LisWaseem khan's shot of Jackie B a Ray, Ananya Dutt, Malavika Singh, Zahira Lakdawala, and many others.

For this year's calendar, the models I chose were Bipasha Basu, Sheetal Mallar, Madhu Sapre, Ujwalla Raut, Nina Manuel all from Mumbai and Shonali Rosario from Bangalore, all of whom are the super models in this country. Recently I did a shoot for 'Planet Kids' and I enjoyed it. I love kids and it was easy communicating with them.

His favourite model…
Jackie Besterwitch - there is a special rapport, we can understand each other's communication. I don't have to make her understand too many things while shooting. Apart from her I like Ujwala Rao and Lisa Ray.

Jackie B once againHis favourite make-up artists…

I like Vipul Bhagat from Mumbai, Anil Chinappa,
R Raghunath, Asha Lata
and Leila Sharma, who is excellent at wild and wacky looks.

His favourite location…
Manchinbelle Dam
is my favourite outdoor spot. I discovered it sometime in 1995.

Apart from photography, Waseem loves to cook and do a little bit of work out. He enjoys meeting new people, " My main kick is to play mental games with people," says Waseem, tongue-in-cheek.

Kamini M.V

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