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Manoviraj Khosla - Interview

Do our clothes make a statement?Manoviraj Khosla
Manoviraj Khosla, the renowned designer from Bangalore says emphatically,"No doubt they do, I always look at people from toe to the head. Because many people pay little attention to their shoes and that shows their personality."

What kind of a statement does Manoviraj's
clothes make?
Manoviraj's collection is sporty and has a predominance of red, white, blue and yellow. All fabrics are imported synthetics, lycra and other stretch material. The sportswear is quite casual and trendy. His 'Manoviraj Khosla' brand has been in the market since the last nine years and that seems to have given him a lot of confidence.

His collection on display at Lakme India Fashion WeekManoviraj says his education in the American College of Fashion, London in 1989 was very helpful, but more than that his experience has taught him a lot. He says, "I used to make a lot of silly stuff but now I am more of a practical designer. I am definitely focusing on sportswear and Indian clothes. I don't believe in any extra fittings like embroidery on my designs and I want the clothes to speak for themselves in terms of silhouette and cut."

Manoviraj Khosla, was the only designer representing Bangalore in the prestigious Lakme India Fashion Week, the first ever buyer and seller meet organized in New Delhi where 32 designers from eight cities across the country presented their collections to over 15,000 visitors. In this week long event visitors were not just exposed to the latest collections of the various designers, but also many seminars were organized for designers to understand the needs of retailers, exporters and
buying houses.

"Yeah, I was the only designer to participate in this Fashion Week, but that was because of the fact that the other designers from Bangalore weren't keen on participating. Manoviraj at workThey were a bit cautious about this event which was being held for the first time. And as such our city has very few fashion labels like Shonali, Himanshu, Namrata and others. And I am a member of the Fashion Design Council of India who were the organizers of this event."

Do his clothes appeal only to the upper classes?
"Kingfisher has always been there as my mass brand since the last five years. I have plans to sell it in specific outlets, while 'Manoviraj Khosla' brand will be available at all places. And I am not the pioneer in this idea of having different upmarket and lowmarket image. Donna Karan from New York has been selling her cheaper DKNY range in various outlets and also has the exclusive ones in the top league."

That is where Manoviraj Khosla aspires to be.

And a few of his favourite things:
Favourite Restaurant: Karavali
Favourite Pub: 180 Proof
Favourite Outdoor Location: Kuteeram in Nrutyagram

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